Bachelor of Science in Business Information


Key and cross section disciplines


In the last few decades, informatics as a modern science for the presentation, storage, transmission and processing of information, has a stronger and more permanent influence on our lives, work and leisure time than any other science. As a key discipline it includes different subjects, such as process structuring, network setup and the conception, development and implementation of hardware and software systems.

Business information
builds on the findings of informatics and links them to the demands of economics, especially business studies. As such, it is a classic multi-discipline. The content deals mainly with information and communication systems to support business processes and decision making in companies and public administration.

Whereas informatics mainly aims at developing and programming this software, business information examines how these systems are to be laid out in order to meet the demands of various users in business life. Business information thus plays important consultation and mediator roles between the desires of the system users who, as a rule, have little knowledge of informatics, and the requirements of the skilled programmers and system developers. Further business information topics include questions of economical system creation, management of introductory projects, as well as financing and commercialization of hardware and software solutions. For these widespread multidisciplinary tasks solid knowledge in informatics as well as in business studies are required.


Due to the high dynamics of technological developments in information and communication, and the resulting increased pressure for economic conformation , the role of business information is continually increasing. As a result, our graduates are skilled in new technologies, economic methods and social engineering, and have wide-ranging attractive career prospects in industry, commerce, software companies, banks and insurance companies, public administration, management consultancies, and last but not least, in research. Some typical careers for graduates in business information are: organization and IT consultant, IT project manager, IT controller, system administrator, or IT marketing and sales manager. After the interdisciplinary business information course of study, and with the necessary knowledge and interest, an occupation in either an informatics-based or business studies-based profession is possible.

Bachelor / Master Degrees at the University of Applied Sciences

In comparison to the recent study for a diploma degree at the Universities of Applied Sciences, which lasts 8 semesters, the bachelor program in business information leads to graduation after only 6 semesters. With a substantive focus and a conscious interplay of fundamentally qualifying course content, a professional specialization and the integration of practice-relevant questions, the students are qualified for a career at the end of a Bachelor course. The mandatory industrial internship during the study will help you start your career because you will have already had first hand experience in the profession. The consistent practice orientation is an important feature of our college graduates and is highly valued by employers.

A good bachelor's degree also allows for the inclusion of an advanced Master's course of study. In computer science department we offer a "consecutive" master course of study which continues the bachelor program and leads to a second degree after four semesters. The master's program is designed, to deepen the academic qualification in the field of interactive multimedia services and applications and also to expand the thematic areas of interest. The research-oriented study which is based on fields of interest is encouraged by allowing freedom of choice. Graduates of the Master courses can work as specialists in various fields. A master program in International Business and Economics can also be pursued in the Facility for Business and Economics at our University of Applied Sciences. With a qualified master's degree it is also possible to launch a promotion at an university and start a scientific career.

Bachelor of Business Information: Entry Requirements

If you wish to study you should have a general qualification for university entrance or a specific baccalaureate and be interested in informatics and business problems. Furthermore, it is an advantage if you enjoy designing and organizing practice-related problem solving in an interdisciplinary work environment.


Course sequence

One of the key characteristics of the Business Informatics bachelor program at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden is that it conveys competence in informatics, which involves extensive programming and training in application systems such as SAP. Our students learn to develop software systems by themselves and to adapt them to user needs (customizing). In addition, we provide business management skills that include an assessment of the business process in economic terms and techniques for decision making. This experience with the interface between computer science and business management enables our graduates to make decisions in the design, deployment and maintenance of information systems.

The 6-semester bachelor's program is structured so that the students are taught all foundations of computer science, mathematics, statistics and business administration in the first two semesters. In the 3rd and 4th semesters selected technological areas of information systems will be learned more in depth and will be supplemented by additional optional subjects. Also in the 4th semester, you will be required to participate in an additional module which you will select based on your interests. The 5th semester is an internship at an external company. In the 6th and final semester you have to chose  additional subjects from the mandatory course selection and write your bachelor's thesis.

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