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Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Marketing


Marketing studies for IT professionals in the age of the internet and new media.

You will learn the following in the 6 semester Multimedia Marketing course of studies:

  • To evaluate IT innovations in digital media by using solid hardware and software skills for marketing,
  • To develop the marketing mix and promotional strategies for the customized IT usage,
  • To do creative digital media and advertising,
  • To ensure the ongoing operation and maintenance of the necessary IT systems
  • To organize the project management and controlling for the marketing provisions.


Career prospects for graduates:

The proliferation and acceptance of new media is growing at a rapid pace. Alone the sales of online advertising, in recent years, have significant double digit growth rates. The communication and the business transactions on websites today heard the standard. New uses in the context of Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks, etc.) forms of presentation such as online, interactive videos, personalized e-mail advertising are presenting new challenges for companies.


While many company representatives were reserved about using these forms of communication in their marketing strategies, they now recognize a growing need for action. This is a growing demand for marketing professionals with relevant technical know-how to recognize the labor market.

The study of Multimedia Marketing gives you very good career opportunities in the following positions:

  • Web designer or Online-Editor-Leader,
  • Webmaster,
  • Manager in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization,
  • Marketing Consultant,
  • Junior-Product manager in technology companies,
  • Project Manager in Multimedia/ Information Management


Overview of the Course:


In the study of Multimedia Marketing our aim is to give specific knowledge of information systems and marketing, so that our students are able to fulfill the technology requirements in areas of "new media" with the best possible results.


This course is not the classic marketing course which is broad and diverse and highlights different aspects and possible determinants of marketing success. Multimedia Marketing is clearly focused on the information technology aspects of marketing work, based on solid basics in general marketing knowledge.


Compared to design and media design studies, we focus not just on design, we lecture on other aspects of information management and marketing as well. Our graduates have a wider professional horizon that goes beyond pure media design, and enables them to have conceptual skills for the design of business models, information infrastructures and overall areas of information management.


Progression of the Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Marketing course

Characteristics of the Multimedia Marketing course at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden are the integration of subject-specific marketing and business studies with solid basics of information systems. You will acquire a sound knowledge in the field of object-oriented programming, database and information management as well as the typical functions of application systems. At the core of your studies you will work intensively with multimedia and communications systems, and its related content in digital media design and online marketing.


The 6-semesters of the bachelor study are designed so that you will learn the basics of Business Information Management, Marketing and Business Administration in the first 3 semesters. The 4th semester covers the areas of marketing and "multimedia and communications systems" in-depth. In addition to this, depending on your interests, you must choose another area. In the 5th semester, you should then be able to apply those skills in an internship with a company. Alternatively, you can complete a study abroad with one of our international university partners. In the 6th semester, you study more content areas in-depth and conclude your studies with the writing of your bachelor thesis.


Bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

With your 6 semester Bachelor course in Multimedia Marketing complete, you already have the professional qualification that makes you ready to start your career. The mandatory internship program in the course makes it easier for you to start your career because you have already had first hand job experience. The consistent practice orientation is a highly valued asset for employers of college graduates.


A good bachelor's degree program allows for the inclusion of an advanced Master's course. In the computer science department, we offer a "consecutive" Master in "Media Processing and Interactive Services", which leads to further studies and a master degree after 4 more semesters. The Master's Program is designed to deepen academic qualifications in the field of interactive multimedia services and applications and also to add interest to thematic priorities. Due to the students being given the ability to chose their area of interest, the research guided study has been very successful. Graduates of a Master's degree program can work as specialists in various areas. These graduates are also qualified to receive a doctorate and go on to begin a scientific career.


Entry requirements:

You are qualified to study if you have one of the following: general qualification for university entrance, advanced technical college entrance qualification, specific baccalaureate, the successful completion of the master certificate, the successful completion of a learning state certified technician or state certified of business administration.

There are no admission restrictions for the study in Multimedia Marketing.




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