Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Objectives and Competencies

The objective of knowledge and technology transfer is to make accessible to primarily small- and medium-sized businesses selected in practically relevant areas of knowledge and technology the existing knowledge potential of professors, teaching staff for special tasks, lab engineers and students as well as the existing laboratory capacity in suitable fashion, and to develop this transfer further in accordance with resulting requirements.

Cooperation with industrial enterprises builds the focal point of applied research, as can be observed in numerous projects.

Knowledge and technology transfer in the Department of Computer Science mediates between the university, with its professors, staff and students, and businesses, research and development institutions, institutions of higher learning, membership corporations and associations as well as other institutions.

Furthermore, research and development is promoted within the department and with external partners and knowledge transfer through academic events and the area of setting up businesses.

Personnel transfer is accomplished through the involvement of interns, graduate candidates, graduates and by means of staff exchange.

Extensive public relations work, e.g. events, informational material, special internet offerings and an internal information service, is conducted in connection with the transfer topics.

Knowledge and technology transfer takes on administrative tasks for research and development of institutions of higher learning by order of the deputy vice chancellor and supports strategic activities in the area of research and transfer.

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