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Your arrivals are compulsory on 25th september between 7 am and 11 pm.

If you can’t make it within this time frame, book your flight one day earlier, then book a night at a hostel in Frankfurt a. M. where you will presumably arrive by plane and arrive on 25th september between 7 am and 11 pm. If you made your way to the train-stop, cross the rail and you will see the campus where the dormitory is situated and tutors await you.

We have got a train stop directly opposite the university, so please make sure to set your destination to “Schmalkalden-Fachhochschule”.

Train schedule is available here: Deutsche Bahn


Welcome Days start on 26th september until september 29th and are mandatory for all new exchange students.

Within the Welcome Days we will explain everything concerning studying and living in Schmalkalden. On 2nd october lectures will start.


Health Insurance:

A health insurance is required to get enrolled at a German university.

For information concerning your insurance cover during your stay abroad please go to: