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International Summer School 2017 in Schmalkalden

International Summer School Schmalkalden

29 May - 16 June 2017 (3 weeks 1100 €)

Topic: International Economics and > Cross-Cultural Management

The International Summer School Schmalkalden (ISSS) focuses on the challenges confronting the world economy under the conditions of cross-cultural management.

Guest professors from different countries and continents are invited to give us their views on these issues. The wide variety of countries, cultures and religions represented by our international students, who come from over 20 different countries, provides a timely and unique opportunity to investigate the impact of contrasting cultural-religious value systems on international business. Our goal is that students participating in the ISSS will be offered, and be able to develop through the exchange of perspectives and experiences, detailed knowledge and understanding of the complex and interwoven challenges facing economies and firms in the new millennium. In addition, the growing importance of religious values and their economic implications will be examined in multicultural classes and they will develop the students' cross-cultural abilities to prevent Huntington's ‘clash of civilizations’.

more information: ISSS

Contact Person

Contact: Prof. Dr. Robert Richert

Tel.:       +49.(0)3683 / 688 3102

Fax.:       +49.(0)3683 / 688 983102

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