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Life in Schmalkalden

Arun Jaiswal Double degree in Mechanical Engineering

Report on Experience on stay in Schmalkalden

With the completion of all my earlier semesters in Finland. It’s time for me to pack my bag and proceed for double degree in Germany since Germany has always been one of the country I always wanted to visit. The ideal location of Schmalkalden, an interesting student town with academic records and the feedback from earlier students gave me perfect motivation for choosing Schmalkalden as the place to do double degree part of my studies.

It’s a small town with variation in landscapes and greenery all around. It always made feel fresh to go the university early morning. The people there are co-operative and helpful. The tutors are best friend when you arrive there because all the student settlement is done by them which creates an ease on new comers. The best part of Schmalkalden is the university itself which has multicultural environment, one can find ample of students belonging to several nationalities. It’s a great chance to experience stay abroad and feel international environment in same neighborhood. There is enough student from different background and nationalities and it’s always good to hear how different is it from the place they came from. The study is regular and has no obstacle, the teachers are highly qualified and very co-operative, every detail is well explained and practical application are highlighted with examples from several engineering companies. Each student has chance to discuss his/her problems with the teachers in person. Meanwhile there are many activities to give a good taste of German culture apart from German beer which Is always special.

Apart from good study we have had enough events and activities every semester. The winter semester included guided tour to one of major city in Germany and all the arrangements were made by university itself. During my winter semester we visited Dresden which has a great history. In addition, we had International evening where one could experience different food and culture of many countries since most of the student presents their specialty that evening. Similarly, in the summer semester we had a trip to Berlin which was wonderful since berlin has always been one of the city I have always wanted to visit. Also, the summer semester is followed by “Schmalympics” meaning summer Olympics which is the best time in Schmalkalden and probably the best three days for sports lover. There are ample of events, games and parties for party lovers. Each day has some special happening. The summer is green and fresh and warm enough to barbecue in white nights.

I think it’s a great place and an incredible opportunity to experience German education and see the competitive world of Europe through own eyes. Thus, I would highly recommend all the students who has made some plan to make their exchange semester at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences. Come and equip yourself with sophisticated way of understanding and learning by performing. Also, have a life time experience and make your stay abroad a memento for your future.