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Classes in English in the Summer Term 2019 – Faculty of Business and Economics

Theory of International Trade and Policy5Prof. Richert
Economics of Strategy5Prof. Hüschelrath
Español de los Negocios A2 Curso Superior (Spanish)5Prof. Bach
Game Theory5Prof. Breig

Operations Management


Michael Dornieden

Managment Accounting and Control5Prof. Schuster
Marketing5Prof. Ullrich
Economic Policy5

Prof. Breig /

Prof. Hüschelrath

Analisys and Forecast of the Economic Cycle5Prof. Breig
Business English5Gitta Müeller
Risk Managment (bloque)5Prof. Mielde

Classes in English in the Winter Term 18/19 – Faculty of Business and Economics

Management Accounting/
Management Control
5Prof. Dr. Peter Schuster
Intercultural Communication5Prof. Dr. Joachim Bach
International Economic Relations A5Prof. Dr. Hildegard Breig
Espanol de los negocios
(in Spanish language)
5Prof. Dr. Joachim Bach

Introduction to Business and Economics

5Prof. Dr. Joachim Bach,
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ullrich
Operations Management5Prof. Dr. Michael Dornieden
Transport Economics and Policy5Prof. Dr. Kai Hüschelrath

(block teaching)

5Prof. Dr. Milde

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Joachim Bach

Don't forget about the German language courses and the courses from the International Office which can be found here.

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