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Tandem in Schmalle

Are you learning any of the languages listed below? Or do you want to practice your language skills with a native speaker? Then this is your opportunity.
The International Office and the university’s Center for Foreign Languages are working together to present you:


The idea is simple. If you speak a language that somebody else is learning and you are studying somebody else’s language and both parties are interested in improving their speaking fluency, then let us know.
Please send an email to Baruc at the following adress: assist(at)hs-schmalkalden.de

Give us your name, the language you speak (i.e. your mother tongue) and the language you want to learn or to improve (i.e. target language). You should also tell us a bit about yourself, some of your hobbies, interests etc. Then we will add you to our database and find the best match. We want both parties to benefit.
Tandem participants will not only improve their language skills but also develop intercultural competence.

Languages available:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French

We will have an introductory meeting to set up the rules in the following days and then we can get started. So if you are interested, just send us an email. Do not miss this great opportunity!

The International Office and the Center for Foreign Languages.