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The International Office organizes a large number of events within the scope of its responsibilities. They are generally aimed at our international students and/or local students with an interest in going abroad. More detailed information about the courses in this winter semester 2020/21 can be found in our Info Sheet. You can also always find the latest information on our Facebook page and Instagram Page.

20-12-20Applied German Studies: World War II (Group II)Weimar
19-12-20Applied German Studies: History and Religion (Group II)Eisenach
13-12-20Applied German Studies: History and Religion (Group I)Eisenach
12-12-20Applied German Studies: World War II (Group I)Weimar
09-12-20Christmas Readingroom C0201
25-11-20Digital International Evening by PiB (in German language)Online Seminar
18-11-20Field Trips - Historical IntroductionOnline Seminar
11-11-20Thuringia Works - Wrap-upOnline Seminar
08-11-20Thuringia Works - Focus MACS/MEROOnline Seminar
04-11-20Thuringia Works - Introduction Online Seminar
28-10-20Forumtheater - "Welcome Project" (in German laguage)room C0201
21-10-20Discover Schmalkalden - City Rallye Schmalkalden city centre
14-10-20Welcome to Germany, Thuringia and SUASOnline Seminar
07-10-20Welcome Days: Open SpaceOnline Seminar
05-10-20Welcome DaysOnline Seminar
29-06-20SUAS in Space: Introduction to Astronomical ObservatoriesOnline Seminar
24-06-20Bonfire EveningSchmalkalden University
27-05-20Going abroad - but how?Online Seminar
24-05-20Field Trip to WeimarWeimar
16-05-20Field Trip to ErfurtErfurt
13-05-20Right of residence for international and refugee students:
internship and job search

Online Seminar

06-04-20Welcome Days (cancelled)Schmalkalden University
27-03-20German language course (cancelled)Schmalkalden University
19-01-20Student Trip to BerlinBerlin
15-01-20International DinnerSchmalkalden University
12-01-20Student Trip to OberhofOberhof
15-12-19Student Trip to JenaJena 
11-12-19Christmas ReadingSchmalkalden University
04-12-19Essential in Job Application Writting/
Pimp your CV
Schmalkalden University
27-11-19Thuringa WorksSchmalkalden University
13-11-19International Day at SUAS with Special Focus on
Mobilities Opportunities in Latin America
Schmalkalden University
10-11-19Student Trip to WeimarWeimar
20-10-19Student Trip to ErfurtErfurt
06-10-19Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
29-09-19German language courseSchmalkalden University
02-07-19Kitchen on the RunSchmalkalden Centre
21-06-19Sommer CourseSchmalkalden University
19-06-19International DinnerSchmalkalden University
15-06-19Trip for International StudentsNational Park Hainich
12-06-19Intercultural Games EveningSchmalkalden University
06-06-19Forum Theatre (Project "Welcome")Schmalkalden University
29-05-19Workshop "Adjusting to a New Academic Culture"Schmalkalden University
26-05-19Trip for International StudentsJena
22-05-19Application Portfolio BasicsSchmalkalden University
15-05-19Internships Abroad and Short-Term StudiesSchmalkalden University
15-05-19KarrieremesseSchmalkalden University
12-05-19Student Trip to BerlinBerlin
05-05-19Student Trip to WeimarWeimar
20-04-19Student Trip to ErfurtErfurt
17-04-19International DaySchmalkalden University
01-04-19Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
14-01-19International DinnerSchmalkalden University
19-12-18Christmas ReadingSchmalkalden University
12-12-18Thuringa Works 2.0 – Deeper into the Labour MarketSchmalkalden University
09-12-18Student Trip to MunichMunich
05-12-18Exkursion für internationale Studierende nach EisenachEisenach
05-12-18Welcome Reception for International Students by the Mayor of SchmalkaldenSchmalkalden University
28-11-18Infoabend des PiB zum Thema AuslandsstudiumSchmalkalden University
21-11-18Intercultural Games EveningSchmalkalden University
11-11-18Interkultureller Workshop für internationale StudierendeBegegnungsstätte Haus Rosenbaum, Neuhaus am Rennweg
14-11-18Auslandserfahrung ohne Semesterstudium: Praktika und Co.Schmalkalden University
07-11-18Auslandsstudium: Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?Schmalkalden University
21-10-18Exkursion für internationale Studierende nach BerlinBerlin
24-10-18Thuringa Works – Your Practical Guide to the Regional Labour MarketSchmalkalden University
17-10-18“Hi Meyer, where is the document?”: How to Communicate with German Authorities – and how not toSchmalkalden University
10-10-18Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany – How to Survive in SchmalkaldenSchmalkalden University
05-10-18Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
03-09-18German language courseSchmalkalden University