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The International Office organizes a large number of events within the scope of its responsibilities. They are generally aimed at our international students and/or local students with an interest in going abroad. More detailed information about the courses in this summer semester 2021 can be found in our Info Sheet. You can also always find the latest information on our Facebook page and Instagram Page.

12-09-21Applied German Studies: Field Trip to Munich or BerlinMunich or Berlin
05-09-21Applied German Studies: Field Trip to Buchenwald Concentration Camp and Weimar (Group I)Weimar
04-09-21Applied German Studies: Field Trip to Hainich National Park and Wartburg Castle (Group I)Eisenach
29-08-21Applied German Studies: Field Trip to Hainich National Park and Wartburg Castle (Group II)Eisenach
28-08-21Applied German Studies: Field Trip to Buchenwald Concentration Camp and Weimar (Group II)Weimar
07-07-21Bonfire EveningSchmalkalden University
23-06-21Wege zum Studium - "Welcome Projekt"Online Seminar
09-06-21International Day at SUASSchmalkalden University
02-06-21Thuringia Works - Wrap UpOnline Seminar
26-05-21Forumtheater - "Welcome Project"Schmalkalden University
21-05-21Schmalkalden University for DiversitySchmalkalden University
12-05-21Thuringia Works - Legal Framework and Health InsuranceOnline Seminar
08-05-21Thuringia Works - MACS SpecialOnline Seminar
05-05-21Thuringia Works - MACS Follow UpOnline Seminar
01-05-21Thuringia Works - MeRo SpecialOnline Seminar
28-04-21Thuringia Works - MeRo Follow UpOnline Seminar
25-04-21City Rallye - Action BoundSchmalkalden
24-04-21Thuringia Works - IBE Introduction Online Seminar
21-04-21Thuringia Works - IBE Special Online Seminar
14-04-21Meet Your Fellow StudentsOnline Seminar
07-04-21Welcome to Germany, Thuringia and SUASOnline Seminar
20-12-20Applied German Studies: World War II (Group II)Weimar
19-12-20Applied German Studies: History and Religion (Group II)Eisenach
13-12-20Applied German Studies: History and Religion (Group I)Eisenach
12-12-20Applied German Studies: World War II (Group I)Weimar
09-12-20Christmas Readingroom C0201
25-11-20Digital International Evening by PiB (in German language)Online Seminar
18-11-20Field Trips - Historical IntroductionOnline Seminar
11-11-20Thuringia Works - Wrap-upOnline Seminar
08-11-20Thuringia Works - Focus MACS/MEROOnline Seminar
04-11-20Thuringia Works - Introduction Online Seminar
28-10-20Forumtheater - "Welcome Project" (in German laguage)room C0201
21-10-20Discover Schmalkalden - City Rallye Schmalkalden city centre
14-10-20Welcome to Germany, Thuringia and SUASOnline Seminar
07-10-20Welcome Days: Open SpaceOnline Seminar
05-10-20Welcome DaysOnline Seminar
29-06-20SUAS in Space: Introduction to Astronomical ObservatoriesOnline Seminar
24-06-20Bonfire EveningSchmalkalden University
27-05-20Going abroad - but how?Online Seminar
24-05-20Field Trip to WeimarWeimar
16-05-20Field Trip to ErfurtErfurt
13-05-20Right of residence for international and refugee students:
internship and job search

Online Seminar

06-04-20Welcome Days (cancelled)Schmalkalden University
27-03-20German language course (cancelled)Schmalkalden University
19-01-20Student Trip to BerlinBerlin
15-01-20International DinnerSchmalkalden University
12-01-20Student Trip to OberhofOberhof
15-12-19Student Trip to JenaJena 
11-12-19Christmas ReadingSchmalkalden University
04-12-19Essential in Job Application Writting/
Pimp your CV
Schmalkalden University
27-11-19Thuringa WorksSchmalkalden University
13-11-19International Day at SUAS with Special Focus on
Mobilities Opportunities in Latin America
Schmalkalden University
10-11-19Student Trip to WeimarWeimar
20-10-19Student Trip to ErfurtErfurt
06-10-19Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
29-09-19German language courseSchmalkalden University
02-07-19Kitchen on the RunSchmalkalden Centre
21-06-19Sommer CourseSchmalkalden University
19-06-19International DinnerSchmalkalden University
15-06-19Trip for International StudentsNational Park Hainich
12-06-19Intercultural Games EveningSchmalkalden University
06-06-19Forum Theatre (Project "Welcome")Schmalkalden University
29-05-19Workshop "Adjusting to a New Academic Culture"Schmalkalden University
26-05-19Trip for International StudentsJena
22-05-19Application Portfolio BasicsSchmalkalden University
15-05-19Internships Abroad and Short-Term StudiesSchmalkalden University
15-05-19KarrieremesseSchmalkalden University
12-05-19Student Trip to BerlinBerlin
05-05-19Student Trip to WeimarWeimar
20-04-19Student Trip to ErfurtErfurt
17-04-19International DaySchmalkalden University
01-04-19Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
14-01-19International DinnerSchmalkalden University
19-12-18Christmas ReadingSchmalkalden University
12-12-18Thuringa Works 2.0 – Deeper into the Labour MarketSchmalkalden University
09-12-18Student Trip to MunichMunich
05-12-18Exkursion für internationale Studierende nach EisenachEisenach
05-12-18Welcome Reception for International Students by the Mayor of SchmalkaldenSchmalkalden University
28-11-18Infoabend des PiB zum Thema AuslandsstudiumSchmalkalden University
21-11-18Intercultural Games EveningSchmalkalden University
11-11-18Interkultureller Workshop für internationale StudierendeBegegnungsstätte Haus Rosenbaum, Neuhaus am Rennweg
14-11-18Auslandserfahrung ohne Semesterstudium: Praktika und Co.Schmalkalden University
07-11-18Auslandsstudium: Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?Schmalkalden University
21-10-18Exkursion für internationale Studierende nach BerlinBerlin
24-10-18Thuringa Works – Your Practical Guide to the Regional Labour MarketSchmalkalden University
17-10-18“Hi Meyer, where is the document?”: How to Communicate with German Authorities – and how not toSchmalkalden University
10-10-18Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany – How to Survive in SchmalkaldenSchmalkalden University
05-10-18Welcome DaysSchmalkalden University
03-09-18German language courseSchmalkalden University