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Business Administration (B.A.)

Bachelor in Business Administration by Distance Learning

With a Bachelor degree in Business Administration by distance learning at Schmalkalden University you will lay the important groundwork for your future career. In the course of study, you will learn how to deal with management tasks in various business areas.


After a commercial education and first hands-on experience many employees from businesses or the public sector seek to complement their profile by a university bachelor degree – without having to interrupt their career and to renounce their regular income though.

These extra occupational bachelor studies with integrated practice-based project cover the main topics of business, product and service management – from market research and procurement, through finance and marketing to human resources.

Form of study:Extra occupational
Duration of study:6-8 semesters
Degree:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Next start:Winter term 2018/2019
Application deadline:31/07/2018

Franziska Kemnitz
Master of Laws

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