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Student Affairs:

Dear Students!

Contact us anytime via email:

Don't forget to tell us your Student ID or Application ID!!!

Student Office: studierendenverwaltung(at)hs-schmalkalden.de

Examination Office: pruefungsverwaltung(at)hs-schmalkalden.de

thoska-Office: thoska(at)hs-schmalkalden.de

International Office: io(at)hs-schmalkalden.de

Corona Infoline: corona-infoline(at)hs-schmalkalden.de


In addition, you can now book a personal appointment if your matter cannot be solved by phone or e-mail. The Student Service Zone is located in the lecture hall building in room H0014. The staff will (usually) contact you by e-mail after booking to clarify the details.


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