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Welcome to the Central Examination Office!

Central Examination Office is responsible for administrative tasks related to examination at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden. Here a student can obtain his/her intermediate diploma, certificates for successfully completed courses in specific subjects, and transcript of records.


Hochschule Schmalkalden

Central Examination Office

Blechhammer 9

98574 Schmalkalden


Opening hours

Tuesday - Thursday

09:30 am - 02:30 pm


Franziska Weiß

Contact person for the degree courses of Computer Science, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology (Diploma), Electrical Energy and Automation Engineering (Bachelor), Information Technology (Bachelor), and Business Law.

Building A, Room 0006

Tel.: +49 3683 - 688 1202

Fax: +49 3683 - 688 1999


Elvira Geißler

Contact person for the degree courses of Business Administration, Economics (Bachelor), International Business and Economics (Master), Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

Building A, Room 0001

Tel.: +49 3683 - 688 1201

Fax: +49 3683 - 688 1999