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Prof. Hartmut Seichter, PhD

University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden
Faculty of Computer Science
Blechhammer 4-9
D-98574 Schmalkalden, Germany

Phone: 03683 / 688-4104
Fax: 03683 / 688-4499
Mail:Prof. Hartmut Seichter, PhD

Office:  F 0112

Consultations: Wednesday, 11.30 - 12:30, Building F, Room F0112

Research:  Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Emerging Interfaces, Digital Design

Publications:  PublikationslisteGoogle ScholarResearchGate

Laboratory:  Graphics Interaction Laboratory - GIL - F 0203

Thesis Topics - Bachelor and Master

  • construction of an AR capable Oculus Rift
  • adaptive browserbased AR applications
  • marker based tracking
  • implementation of a ShaderGenerator for multiple renderbackends of a scenegraph
  • embedded systems for controlling traffic lights
  • embedded systems for automated media generation in car races
  • 3D scanning for museum presentations
  • Implementation of a novel motion capturing approach
  • Realtime reconstruction of tesselated models from volumetric data sets
  • Around device interaction with tablet computers
  • Vision assisted interaction with AR glasses
  • Information visualization from within an augmented reality (AR) tracking pipeline
  • Vision or gesture assisted flight control for AR.drones
  • Mixed reality aided modeling and construction
  • your own topic in the area of mobile Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Computergraphics, Novel Interaction Techniques or realtime image processing.

Please get in contact if you think one of these topics above is interesting to you. You are encouraged to suggest your own topics.


Bachelor (only German)

  • Grafische Datenverarbeitung (GDV) - Informatik, Mobile Computing
  • Programming 1 (PROG1) - Informatik, Mobile Computing, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Multimedia Marketing

Master (only English teaching):

  • Computer Graphics (CG) - en
  • Computer Animation (CANI) - en
  • 3D Modeling (3DM) - en
  • 3D Animation (3DA) - en
  • Selected Topics of Computer Graphics (AgKCG) - en
  • Information Visualisation (IVIS) - en