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Cost and Accomodation


Participation in the ISSS costs Euro 1,100. This fee includes:  

  • Lecture programme comprising all modules
  • Accommodation during the period of the ISSS (Monday, 29 May, - Friday, 16 June); please, keep in your mind that arrival before Monday, 29 May, and departure after Friday, 16 June, are at your own cost.
  • Cultural programme, in particular:
  1. Accommodation in Berlin (29 May until 1 June) and Schmalkalden (1 June until 16 June), including breakfast
  2. Cultural Tours in Berlin (30-31 May)
  3. Transport from Berlin to Schmalkadlen via Buchenwald (1 June)
  4. Tour of the former concentration camp Buchenwald (1 June)
  5. Midnight-Sun Lecture in the forest, including one hot “midnight pizza” and cold drinks (1-2 June)
  6. Tour of Schmalkalden (Friday, 2 June)
  7. ISSS Opening Ceremony in a medieval castle, including barbecue and beverages (Friday, 2 June)
  8. Disco Party in the Students’ Club (Friday, 2 June)
  9. Tour to Europe’s Largest Salt Mine, Merkers (4 June)
  10. Tour to Wartburg Castle (Martin Luther’s former living place), UNESCO World Heritage Site (5 June)
  11. Schmalympics Opening Ceremony (Tuesday, 13 June)
  12. Schmalympics sports events (13-15 June)
  13. Open-air concert on campus (Tuesday, 13 June)
  14. Disco Party on campus (Wednesday, 14 June)
  15. Open-air concert on campus (Thursday, 15 June)
  16. Fireworks on campus (Thursday, 15 June)


You will be accommodated in the university’s dormitory or with students/local families or in guesthouses (multi-bed rooms). In Berlin you stay in a hostel. Breakfast will be provided.