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What the students say

Anastasiya Chevtchenko, USA

My decision to apply to the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden was influenced in particular by two factors:  the university’s small size with a familiar feel on the one hand, and simultaneously its largescale international presence that brings together students from all over the world. The school’s longstanding experience of working with international students made itself apparent in my communication with the faculty and enabled a smooth and efficient application process while I was still abroad! Based on my experience, I can say I was in good hands from the beginning.

What I really cherished in my courses was the perfect mix between theory and practice. All professors made a point to supplement theory with real-world examples, so that we could better understand and apply the topics we learned about. In my current job as a Sales Consultant at Pollmeier GmbH & Co KG, where I oversee customers in various international markets, such as Belgium and the UK, I can now draw back on many practical cases from my studies in Schmalkalden. This gives me a certain level of experience, even as a young professional in the field.

Last but not least - I am very grateful to the professors for taking the time to support me both in- and outside of the classroom. Regardless of the concern, they were always willing to offer their help and to go into further detail about relevant topics. I have benefited greatly from this exchange of information over my two years there and hope that the next generation of students will be able to benefit in a similar manner from the faculty’s generosity and wealth of knowledge.

Gabriela Gutierrez, Mexico


My expectations have more than been met. With a number of Economics classes as well as topics such as Philosophy, the broadness of the masters programme was beyond my expectations.

Student's life/ Schmalkalden:

We all knew we were going to a small town, but coming from a city of 20 million people makes it very different. The nice atmosphere and the great group of international students made a big difference; we felt like a family!

Quality of classes:

Although classes are at a very good level, you do need some background to fully understand everything. The professors are very helpful in reaching the required level.

Work load:

Although the work load is very high and difficult, it should be difficult in a research-based masters programme. At first we were overwhelmed by presentations and other requirements, and it was difficult because of the full range of topics. The approaches were different, and the programme was difficult, but that is what I expected.

Eduardo Galvez Nunez, Mexico

Work load:

There is a wide range of different cultures, job experiences, backgrounds and ages of students. The research orientation makes it difficult and the work load is very high, but it is okay once you are accustomed to it. Overall, it is a very good experience. There is a nice atmosphere among the professors and the masters students.

Paulina Danisaukaite, Lithuania


I studied here for a semester, so I knew what to expect and I wanted to come back.


The equipment is very good, especially the EBSCO research database, which is extremely helpful.


Schmalkalden is a very small city, but if you have nice people around it has its own flair.

Rodrigo Andrade, Brazil


My expectations were fully met; I participated in an international programme in Schmalkalden before, so I knew what to expect. Although I experienced culture shock, I enjoyed the great group of students.

Quality of classes:

Some classes are very intensive, but I like the research base a lot.


Schmalkalden does not have a lot to offer, but it's a special piece of Germany and I like it.

Nadine Gustafson, Canada


My expectations were met. I knew what to expect because I attended the International Summer School in Schmalkalden before.

Quality of Classes:

I knew classes would be very broad, but it's nice since every day is different. Coming from a different educational system is not easy; it requires self-motivation, but everyone is helpful.


Although it took a while to get accustomed to being here, Schmalkalden offers a really good environment for studying a masters programme. It's small and personal, and there are no distractions.