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Englischsprache Vorlesungen im WiSe 17/18 – Fakultät Informatik

All courses of our master program (MA) are eligible for master students only. However, in some courses admission of bachelor or diploma students is possible under the prerequisites mentioned with the course.

Image Processing and Compression Standards (MA)basic knowledge in linear algebra and analysis and solid programming skills in Java5Prof. Chantelau
Agile Project Management (MA)knowledge of foundations in project management4Prof. Englmeier
Text Mining and Search (MA)solid programming skills (in Java, Android, .NET or similar)3Prof. Englmeier
Semantic Techniques in Distributed Systems (MA)3Mr. Cebulla
Computer Graphics (MA)5Mr. Seichter
Selected Topics in Computer Graphics (MA)3Mr. Seichter
Information Visualization (MA)3Mr. Seichter
Signals and Systems (MA)5Mr. Golz
Software Quality (MA)solid programming skills in Java (10 ECTS) and basic knowledge in network technologies3Mr. Neuhardt
Distributed Systems (MA)solid programming skills in Java (5 ECTS) and knowledge of foundations in software engineering (5 ECTS)5Mr. Neuhardt


Prof. Dr. Kurt Englmeier