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WORT: Encuentro intercultural con alumnos de último año (offer for Spanish-speaking students)

16. Oktober 2023 07:45-09:45

This offer is aimed at all Spanish-speaking students in Schmalkalden who would like to get in touch with German high-school students to practice their German and have some fun interactions with locals! The high-school students are excited about meeting Spanish speaking people in their classroom. If you speak Spanish, you are warmly invited to join two hours of Spanish class (for the address, see below)!

16 October 2023, 07:45–09:45, Philipp-Melanchthon-Gymnasium, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 1 und 10, 98574 Schmalkalden

¿Necesitas una razón para madrugar? Aquí te espera una aula de alumnos de último año con ganas de conocer a hispanohablantes de la universidad. Vamos a hacer juegos interactivos como speed dating, compartir nuestras experiencias interculturales y tal vez se desarrollen amistades de tándem. ¡Cuantos más vengan, mejor! Apúntate con un breve mensaje a Marita Peter: m.peter(at)hs-sm.de para planificar mejor.


The WORT project, supported by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Social Fund Plus, has been officially approved until 30 September 2025. WORT addresses challenges such as: How can we counter the regional shortage of skilled workers by integrating international graduates of Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences into the labour market? How can we create a welcoming culture so that diversity is lived and welcomed in the working world and in everyday life?


Details zur Veranstaltung

16. Oktober 2023 07:45-09:45