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Foreign studies


Before the stay

We are pleased that you have informed yourself or perhaps already decided to spend part of your studies abroad at one of our more than 150 partner universities. There are good reasons to study abroad. Concerns about financing or disadvantages due to a possibly later degree are usually unfounded.

The purpose of the stay abroad can be very different. Rather than mere studying abroad or practice-oriented programmes, the objective can also be to prepare or write the final thesis or to participate in special projects. In the following we will inform you about everything you need to know about exchange studies.

First, please choose the type of mobility you require. If your desired target country is represented in the Erasmus+ programme, please click on "Erasmus+". If you plan to study at one of the universities in the Magellan network (independent of Erasmus+), please click on "Magellan". Otherwise, please click on "bilateral exchange".




Hier finden Sie alle Informationen, wenn Sie an einer ERASMUS-Partnerhochschule oder -universität studieren möchten.


Hier finden Sie alle Informationen, wenn Sie an einem unseren MAGELLAN-Partner studieren möchten.

Bilateraler Austausch

Hier finden Sie alle Informationen, wenn Sie...