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The "Magellan Exchange" is a non-profit consortium of universities around the world that offers full-time students of all disciplines the opportunity to study abroad without tuition fees. Participants of the programme only pay the fees due at their home university during their exchange semester - students of Schmalkalden University are therefore free of charge to exchange via Magellan.

Prerequisites for participation in the programme are:

  • Enrolment as a full-time student at one of the participating universities
  • Fulfilment of all requirements of the faculty for a stay abroad 
  • Submission of the complete online application 
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for a stay abroad 

Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. This fee finances the network and ensures that almost all applicants who meet the application requirements actually receive a place to study. The application deadlines are 15 March for the following winter semester and 15 October for the following summer semester. Further information can be found on the Magellan homepage.

The MAGELLAN coordinator can help you find the program that best suits your needs. The MAGELLAN coordinator at Schmalkalden University is the mobility manager Thais Correia. In addition, a meeting with the foreign coordinator of the respective faculty is recommended to discuss your plans for studying abroad.

Please also note that MAGELLAN is only a mobility program. No financial support in the form of scholarships is granted but there are a variety of funding opportunities for your stay abroad, including DAAD scholarships, PROMOS (application form), Fulbright and many more.

If you have outstanding academic achievements, you can also consider applying for a HAW scholarship.