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Exchange Students

At Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), we are thrilled to open our doors to exchange students like you! Whether you're coming from one of our 200+ partner universities or joining us as a "free mover," we welcome your enthusiasm for a memorable exchange semester in Germany.

Nomination Process: Your Gateway to SUAS

Embark on your journey with ease through our nomination process:

  • Partner Universities: Coordinate with your exchange coordinator to secure your spot through our nomination portal. Your coordinator receives the link to the portal via our "Call for Nominations" e-mail sent out twice a year.

  • Free Movers: Simply drop an e-mail to our exchange coordinator, Thais Correia (t.correia(at), with your details: first name, last name, home university, and e-mail address.

Nomination Deadlines:

  • Winter Semester:

    • Partners from visa-critical countries (e.g., Tunisia, Morocco): 31 March

    • All other partners: 30 June

  • Summer Semester:

    • Partners from visa-critical countries: 30 September

    • All other partners: 31 December

Special Case: Magellan

SUAS is a member of the Magellan Network. If you're from a Magellan-associated university, skip the additional nomination step - your Magellan application suffices!

Application and Enrolment: Seamless Process for Your Transition

Once we accept your nomination, you'll receive an email containing the link to our straightforward application portal. This user-friendly platform requires only essential information and just four documents: a portrait photo (used for your Student ID Card), a copy of your passport, your high-school certificate, and proof of active enrolment at your home university.

Upon acceptance of your application, you can expect a personalized invitation letter. This document holds particular importance for non-EU applicants who may need it for their visa application.

As the semester approaches, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to proceed with the payment of the semester fee, a crucial step in the enrolment process at SUAS. This seamless process ensures that you're well-prepared for your upcoming adventure in Germany. We can't wait to welcome you to Schmalkalden University!

Application Deadlines:

  • Winter Semester:

    • Students from visa-critical countries: 15 April

    • All other partners: 15 July

  • Summer Semester:

    • Students from visa-critical countries: 15 October

    • All other partners: 15 January

Special Case: Erasmus+

Erasmus+ KA131: Unleash Your Learning Potential

Embark on your Erasmus+ KA131 journey by initiating your Learning Agreement in line with your home university's requirements. We have implemented "Erasmus without Paper," utilizing "Online Learning Agreement" via the Erasmus App. Make a note of our Erasmus code, D SCHMALK01, for essential documentation.

Our Erasmus+ coordinator at SUAS is Ms Thais Correia (t.correia(at); +4936836881014), feel free to use her details into your Online Learning Agreement and other templates. Thais will personally sign your Confirmation of Arrival at the beginning of your stay as well as your Confirmation of Stay once you leave.

Erasmus+ KA171: Embrace Scholarship Excellence

For esteemed recipients of the Erasmus+ KA171 scholarship from non-EU partner universities, rest assured that we are committed to providing comprehensive support. You will receive detailed information on the necessary Erasmus+ documents well in advance.

Arrival: Your Journey Begins

Enjoy a convenient arrival at Schmalkalden via the "Schmalkalden-Fachhochschule" train stop. Traveling through Germany by train is convenient, check out the connections. A more affordable travel option are long-distance busses. Explore sustainable travel options and, if applicable, enquire about bonuses for climate-friendly travel from your scholarship provider.

Accommodation: Your Home Away from Home

During your study period, you will most likely wish to be living close to campus. The student dormitories are affordable, fully furnished, comfortable and on-campus, and they are especially interesting for exchange students, who are going to stay in Schmalkalden for only a few months. Please note that the dormitories are not administered by the university, but by an external organisation, the Students’ Union. Be sure to apply for a room ideally six months prior to your arrival in Schmalkalden, as the demand is huge. Also, do not miss to respond to any confirmation e-mails sent by the dormitory management; otherwise, your application may cease to be valid. What is more, there are three dormitory tutors in charge of the student tenants. Be sure to tell them in advance when you are going to arrive in Schmalkalden. One of them will pick you up from the train station and take you to the dormitory.

However, the private housing market also offers affordable apartments for students near campus. Feel free to contact our Housing Team for more details: io-housing(at)

If you are travelling with a child, we kindly ask you to contact Ms Saarmann regarding the general organisation, for example a place in a kindergarten.

Health Insurance: Your Well-being Matters

In order to enrol at a public German university like SUAS, you need to take out public German health insurance (or request exemption from the same) beginning on the day of your enrolment at SUAS (i.e., 1 April for the summer semester, 1 October for the winter semester). You will receive detailed information once you have submitted your application as an exchange student.

Classes in English Language: Explore the Possibilities

Unleash your potential by choosing classes from our cross-faculty offerings in English. Check out our class options here. English language skills at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (EFRS) are sufficient. All common language certificates are accepted here. However, if you would like to attend courses in German or plan to take up a part-time job in Schmalkalden, German language skills are also recommended.

Further Information: Stay Connected

Stay informed and prepared by downloading the SUAS Incoming App for updates on all aspects of your study abroad journey: SUAS Incoming App.

At SUAS, your exchange semester promises not only academic enrichment but also an unforgettable cultural adventure in the heart of Germany. We can't wait to welcome you to our vibrant community!