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Studying in Schmalkalden

Schmalkalden? Where’s that? Our study advisors are often asked this at fairs. Admittedly, Schmalkalden with its 20,000 inhabitants isn’t the centre of the world or even a large city but nevertheless it is an attractive place to study. Numerous students from abroad confirm this when they come here to study for one semester or longer from metropolises such as Mexico City. For Mexicans or Brazilians it takes a little getting used to in the beginning, but those who have enjoyed the advantages of studying in Schmalkalden don’t give them up so easily.

Currently, 3,000 young people are studying in Schmalkalden and are taught and overseen by 63 professors. Most of the students know their instructors as they often see each other on the campus or in the cafeteria. Long waiting lists as is the case at many universities do not exist in Schmalkalden. Those who want to can complete their studies within the regular period of study.

Embedded in the green of the woods, the campus is especially charming. Three new buildings were constructed eleven years ago, including the library and the lecture building. The single-campus university guarantees short walking distances between lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories. In fact, everything is within easy walking distance - even the student residence buildings both on the campus and nearby.

Small university - multiple study options

The Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences offers a total of 21 Bachelor and Master programmes in Engineering, Business and Economics and Computer Science. The “dual study” programme at the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering is worth pointing out as it offers a good possibility to combine theory and practice. In addition, the “dual study” programme is gaining more esteem in industry and becoming more widespread.

In many study programmes students spend one practical semester in a company. A Bachelor or Master thesis can be written in cooperation with a company. Students often establish contacts during a practical semester or when writing their Bachelor or Master thesis which open the door to job opportunities at a later date.

Study worldwide and gain experience

The University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden has a large network comprising around 70 partner universities in five continents. Students can spend a semester there, without having to face the often high tuition fees. Whether it is a Business Law course at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, USA, or an Engineering course in socialist Cuba, for a semester abroad there are no set limits. A comprehensive range of language courses enables students to prepare for an international career during their course of study.

Best chances on the job market

Students benefit their whole lives from their studies at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden. Graduates usually find a job soon after completing their studies: over 90 per cent have employment within six months at the latest. One Schmalkalden graduate is even a professor at an American university.


10 Good Reasons …  

… to study at the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences (SUAS)

1. Top positions in university rankings for our unique and practice-oriented courses

2. International studies

3. Excellent job opportunities: over 90% of our graduates are employed within six month after graduation

4. Personal contact between lecturers and students

5. Lecture rooms, well equipped laboratories, modern library and dormitories are close together on campus

6. Accreditation for all study programmes

7. Family-friendly university: you study – we take care of your children on campus

8. Wide range of sport’s facilities

9. Shorter periods of study than the national average

10. No tuition fee, small semester contributions, low cost of living