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Short Time Programs

Academic short-term programmes are becoming increasingly popular, enabling students to attend subject-related courses abroad during the lecture-free period and thus broaden their own horizons. Depending on the programme, it may also be possible to credit services rendered; however, you should contact your examination board in advance. Many of the approximately 200 partner universities of Schmalkalden University offer so-called Summer Schools, which are announced by notices or by e-mail. Examples of this are the summer schools of our partners in Finland or Austria. In addition, there are specific offers such as the German-Kazakh University, where you can even take modules in German and – thanks to the joint learning experience with Kazakh students – nevertheless gain new perspectives on the contents taught.

Current Short-Term Programme Offers

1. HAW.International: Field trip to the Czech Republic

Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences was able to acquire a project within the framework of the DAAD funding line HAW.International funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The "Short-Term.International" sub-project included here supports students with little mobility experience to date by introducing practice-oriented short-term mobility.

An excursion to Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republik, will take place from 05.11.2023 to 11.11.2023. Students can still apply for participation under a full scholarship until 30.09.2023. The official announcement of the mobility can be found here. Applicants should use the application form provided.

We wish you good luck!