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Research laboratory industry 4.0 in production

Content of the research laboratory are analyses and feasibility studies within the following topics

► Shaping the future of care and developing digital health innovation

  • Support for self-determined everyday life

► Enabling interaction with the family over distance

  • Transferring emotions
  • Sharing experiences between generations

► Understanding robots as a welcome companion for self-training

  • Adaptive robotic solutions, oriented towards patient needs
  • Robot can recognize the intentions of patients
  • Robot supports (safe, flexible, intelligent) mobilization of patients

► Consider individual needs, support and act according to needs

  • Handling technology should not be a stress factor

► Support nursing staff

► ELSI: ensure control over personal data

► Maximization of technology acceptance (enable interaction according to the human senses ->  e.g. non-verbal body communication)

► Develop future living concepts (e.g. using smart, connected homes)

Illustration: Frank Schrödel, Stephanie Brittnacher & Melanie Freund