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Erasmus+ Programme at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to Erasmus+ at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

The Erasmus+ programme offers students and staff at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to gain valuable international experience through study or internship stays, as well as further education and training programmes in Europe. Funded by the European Union, Erasmus+ promotes international exchange and cooperation in the fields of education, youth and sport and enables participants to expand their academic and professional skills abroad.

Erasmus+ programme lines

  1. Study abroad: Spend one or two semesters at one of our many partner universities in Europe and gain international study experience.
  2. Internship abroad: Complete an internship in a European company or organisation and improve your professional skills. Contact the liaison point EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN for more information.
  3. Staff and teaching mobility: Erasmus+ gives employees of Schmalkalden University the same opportunity to gain experience abroad. The programme supports your professional and intercultural development through courses, work shadowing and training at partner institutions.

Inclusion and diversity

Erasmus+ aims to promote social participation and equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity in all areas. The goal is to specifically address previously underrepresented target groups and attract them to Erasmus+.

Should you find yourself in special personal circumstances, further financial support, so-called top-ups, may be available to you. You can find additional information on special funding on the website of the DAAD’s National Agency.


The Erasmus Without Paper project aims to drive the digitalisation of the programme forward. This means that many administrative steps of your mobility can already be completed digitally, including the application process for a scholarship or the creation of your Learning Agreement. In the future, the project will continue to work on fully digitising the administration of the programme at universities by transferring data and documents via the Erasmus Without Paper network.

Erasmus+ App: Your digital companion for your stay abroad!

The Erasmus+ app offers useful information and functions before, during and after your stay abroad: Checklists, information about Erasmus+, important information from universities, offers and events from universities and the ESN, a newsfeed on local activities and a link to the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support Tool.

The Erasmus+ app is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


The new programme generation aims to integrate Erasmus+ into the European Green Deal. Participants and institutions are sensitised to climate change and environmental protection. The goal is to tap into the potential for ecological change through the content and scope of the programme and reduce its negative impact on the environment. Sustainable travel is to be specifically promoted as part of the programme.

Participation in democratic life

Strengthening European identity and promoting the active participation of individuals and society in the democratic decision-making processes are important for the future of the European Union. Erasmus+ contributes to conveying common European values, making them tangible to increase interest in the EU and invite everyone to expand their own knowledge.

Erasmus Charta of Higher Education

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) is a prerequisite for participation in the Erasmus+ programme. By applying for and signing the Charter, the institution pledges to comply with the basic principles and quality standards of the Erasmus+ programme and to actively support the achievement of the programme's objectives. Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences successfully applied and was awarded the ECHE for the current programme generation 2021-2027.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) of Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences can be found here.

The European Policy Statement can be found here (ECHE).

Further information on the Erasmus+ programme can be found on the websites of the DAAD National Agency and the EU Commission: