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Five good reasons to study at the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

1. Comprehensive range of courses: experiencing the highest quality in teaching and research

The Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences offers a varied mix of innovative courses of study such as Multimedia Marketing or International Business and Economics and proven "classics" such as Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, which regularly occupy top positions in university rankings. The entire range of courses is characterized by a high degree of practical relevance because of practical modules, intensive company contacts, and more. The accreditation of the study programmes guarantees permanent quality assurance. All this contributes to the fact that over 90 percent of our graduates are employed after six months at the latest.

"When the semester started, I couldn't even ask the locals for directions. After five months in Mexico, however, my Spanish was so good that I was able to talk to all the people without any fear".

Kristina, 21, from Kazakhstan (International Business and Economics)

2. Schmalkalden as a high-tech location: using modern infrastructure and technology

The lecture hall building with its large auditorium and extensively equipped seminar rooms, the light-flooded library with over 100,000 media units and numerous laboratories and machine rooms were completely rebuilt only a few years ago. State-of-the-art laboratories are located, for instance, in the areas of "Adaptive Signal Analysis", "BIO Step" and "Product Development/Toolmaking". In addition, the faculties conduct intensive research and knowledge transfer with regional and national companies.

"The laboratories and classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology. My home university by no means offers such equipment. I can confidently say: Schmalkalden is a high-tech location."

Evrard, 22, from Cameroon (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

3. Long history & tradition: following the path of the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences

As early as 1902, the "Royal Vocational College for Ironmongery and Steel Goods Schmalkalden" was founded in order to modernise the iron and steel production in the region, which at that time was still geared to manual labour. After World War II, it was transferred to the “School of Engineering Schmalkalden” and produced over 10,000 graduates, who enjoyed an excellent reputation even beyond the region. In 1991, the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences was re-established in its present form with subsequent comprehensive investments by the state and the municipality.

"It is impressive that the university can look back on more than 100 years of tradition. The structures and expertise that have grown over time are reflected in teaching, because many years of experience have an influence on the training concept".

Aliya, 24, from Russia (International Business and Economics)

4. Idyllic location in the heart of Germany: enjoying the unique nature

The campus of Schmalkalden University is peacefully situated at the foot of the Thuringian Forest, a low mountain range in central Germany and rich in species. The surroundings and the campus itself offer numerous possibilities for leisure and sporting activities both in summer and in winter: whether hiking on Germany's oldest and most visited hiking trail, the “Rennsteig”, skiing in the famous winter sports resort Oberhof or the annual “Schmalympic Games” – there is something for everyone. In addition, all local and long-distance destinations can be easily reached from this centrally located place: Erfurt and Eisenach, but also Berlin, Hamburg or Munich are always worth a visit.

"The location is outstanding: In a few minutes you are on one of the numerous hiking trails in the Thuringian Forest - and yet it is not far to the German metropolises. The green campus blends in perfectly with its surroundings."

Diego, 27, from the U.S. (Business Law)

5. Short ways and familial atmosphere: becoming part of the community

On the compact campus area, there are lecture halls, laboratories, the library, the food court and even the dormitories with their own student bar very close together. The dedicated professors and lecturers are available to answer questions about studying and there is a great sense of community among the students themselves, so that nobody is left alone.

"If I have a question, I can simply contact my lecturer on campus and he or she will help me immediately. Also among the students, living here is a great togetherness. This personal atmosphere makes the difference to large universities."

Gabriela, 23, from Brazil (Mechanical Engineering)