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Use of the service key

Activation of the FHS-ID for students with the service key:

All first-time enrolled students receive the service key with their study documents. You will find it above the address field of your enrollment certificate.

The service key is required to activate the central so-called FHS-ID (registration). This FHS ID is your unique identifier (account/login/user ID). You can currently use the following services with it:

  • E-mail (you will receive an e-mail address and a mailbox)
  • VPN (virtual private network, access to the university network via any Internet connection, encrypted)
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi, wireless network at the HSM, via VPN or 802.1x)
  • Content management (after approval by an editor)
  • Grade list and exam registration in the HIS portal

Further services are planned. If you have any questions about these services, please contact the laboratory engineer at your faculty.

Important: Your service key is a personal key for activating important services at HSM. Please keep the document with the service key (study documents) in a safe place. You may also need the service key after registering for the FHS ID for certain services, e.g. if you have forgotten your password.


Activation of the FHS-ID at:

The network connection to this registration and to other services is encrypted. Please note the following information!

Security Guidelines

When registering the FHS-ID and accessing other services -- such as webmail -- a secure connection is established between your browser and an HSM web server or service server. You can recognize this by the prefix https:// in front of the Internet address. The protocol used for this transmission is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition to encryption, SSL also includes unique identification of the web server. To do this, your browser reads the server certificate and checks it against the installed root certificates of the trusted Certification Authorities (CA).


Root CA of FH Schmalkalden

Your University Computing Center, Hochschule Schmalkalden