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Applied Media Informatics (M.Sc.)

Formation by experts in the conception, production, development and management of complex multimedia applications



Various innovations in information technology profoundly changed the communication of the modern societies in the past years.

  • Due to extremely low prices professional production technology could spread extensively. High quality single lens reflex cameras and system cameras with 4K resolution, special systems like 360-degree cameras, powerful drones and computer graphic systems as well as post-production systems nowadays allow a professional video production with a relatively low budget, which a few years ago was only possible in professional cinema and TV productions.
  • New generations of devices as smartphones with the highest quality audio visual rendering as well as VR and AR glasses resulted in immersive media like 360-degree and stereo videos leaving their niche role and becoming standard media, especially among younger generations.
  • The attractive interaction possibilities of new devices did not only promote the distribution of computer games. The whole internet-based multimedia communication is developing greatly towards, among other things, edutainment and infotainment by integrating complex playful elements.
  • The distribution monopoly for audio visual information of television broadcasters has come to an end. The distribution today takes place mainly via internet and mobile network channels. Each company, institution and many individuals distribute with more or less effort audio visual interactive media that they produced on their own.

These developments influence massively the current communications forms in all parts of the society, e.g. entertainment, marketing, and know-how and information transfer. All companies and institutions have to meet these challenges by changing and redefining their offers and services on a large scale. This leads to broad career opportunities for properly trained graduates.

The study programme Applied Media Informatics trains experts for the conception, production, development and management of media and applications respectively.

Form of study:Full-time
Duration of study:4 semesters
Teaching language:German
Degree:Master of Science
Next start:Always in summer or winter term
Application deadline:Always on 15 July or 15 January
Course languageGerman
Central Student Advisory Service

Franca Kröger-Pfaff

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Corinna Endter

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Academic Advisory Service

Prof. Dr. Klaus Chantelau
House F, room 0205

Phone: +49 (0) 3683 - 688 4121
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International Office

Dr. Marcus Hornung

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