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Set up e-mail client

Get messages

The following settings are recommended in your e-mail client to retrieve e-mails:

Server type:IMAP
Security / encryption:SSL/TLS
Authentication method:Password, normal

Send e-mails

The following settings are recommended to send e-mails:

Description:HSM SMTP
Security / encryption:STARTTLS
Authentication method:Password, normal
User name: Your FHS-ID user name

If your e-mail client provides a choice whether to send e-mails as HTML or as text, please choose text.

Address books

If your e-mail client can contact LDAP servers you can use the following address books:

Name: HSM staff
Server: ldap.fh-schmalkalden.de
Base address: ou=people,dc=fh-sm,dc=de


Name: HSM students
Server: ldap.fh-schmalkalden.de
Base address: ou=students,dc=fh-sm,dc=de

The LDAP server is only available from inside HSM or when VPN connected.