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Your Study at Faculty Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor Programmes:

The Bachelor-Programmes are only in German language.

Maschinenbau (B.Eng.)

The Programm is only in German language.


Mechanical Engineering is the classic within the technical studies: rich in tradition and at the same time innovative and future-proof. The standard study period is seven semesters. Upon successful completion of the course you may use the professional title “engineer”. A previous four-week internship in a company is required for admission to study.


BISS-Maschinenbau (B.Eng.)

The Programm is only in German language.


BISS – „Apprenticeship-Integrated Studies Schmalkalden“ – that is what we call a real success story: practical training in an enterprise, earning money plus scientific work at a university.


Vocational Traineeships available:

  • Industriemechaniker/in (IHK – Suhl/Zella-Mehlis oder Eisenach
  • Mikrotechnologe/-technologin (IHK) – Erfurt
  • Mechatroniker/in (HWK) – Erfurt

Master Programmes:

Master Maschinenbau (M.Eng.)

This Programm is only in German language.


Bachelor graduates who would like to advance their talents in constructing and developing products and machines may consider the master programme in mechanical engineering as the perfect postgraduate studies. A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering above average is required for admission to the master studies.


Master Angewandte Kunststofftechnik (M.Eng.)

This Programm is only in German language.


In the course of this master study programme, you will achieve skills and expertise in the following areas: product development and construction, production technology and tooling development, in particular in the plastics processing industry. Additionally, the programme enables you to work in a scientific fashion and to act responsibly in a modern, changing professional environment.


Master Mechatronics & Robotics (M.Eng.)

The english Master's program Mechatronics and Robotics of the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering will start first in winter semester 2019/20.


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