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Supported by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Social Fund Plus

Intercultural Diversity Management

Intercultural Opening for a Sustainable Economy in South Thuringia

Intercultural opening (ICO) is a transformative process that fosters recognition and openness towards the diverse experiences and expertise within your company. By embracing this process, you can address current and future complex challenges within teams and organisations.

At the heart of our approach is the concept of diversity reflecting intercultural opening. This combines ICO with diversity management.

Through our consultations, trainings, support throughout the process, and further education aim to develop a more nuanced understanding of diversity. Beyond the common categorisation according to origin, gender, age, and place of birth, people are characterised by a multitude of other facets and areas of experience: Each of us gathers different experiences, acquires an individual wealth of knowledge, and develops their own ways of speaking and behaving. At the same time, we share common experiences, attitudes and skills that make us part of a group or culture, known as a collective. Our aim is to bring awareness to these often unseen shared experiences and similarities. Only by doing so, colleagues can interact in a diverse manner and fully engage with the team's work content.

We provide structured support throughout the process, enabling you to focus on positively recognising and valuing the diversity of your employees. In doing so, we help to enhance the overall attractiveness of your organisation.

Wir unterstützen Sie in einem gesteuerten Prozess, die positive Wahrnehmung und Wertschätzung der Unterschiedlichkeit Ihrer Mitarbeitenden zu fokussieren und so die Attraktivität Ihres Unternehmens zu steigern.