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M.Eng. Jayabadhrinath Krushnan

House: D, Room: 0024

+49 3683 688 2218

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Jayabadhrinath Krushnan

Publications for Jayabadhrinath Krushnan:

J. Krushnan, H.I. Suriaraj, L.S. Gudiseva, P.D. Sangappa, S. Debnath and F. Schrödel: PneuBot - A Soft Robotic Link, 8th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research (ICMERR), 2023.

J. Krushnan, V. Patel, A. Dawoud, C. Vaghani, S. Patil, F. Schrödel: Design of a Self Optimized Industry 4.0 Benchmark Plant, European Control Conference, 2023

J. Krushnan and F. Schrödel: Development of a Modern, Low Cost, Lab Scale Industry 4.0 Plant for Education*, 13th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Control Education ACE, 2022.

J. Krushnan: Metal Bonded Fullerenes as an Additive in Lubricants, Transactions on Innovations in Science and Technology, Volume 01 - Issue 03, 2016.

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