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Faculty of Business and Economics

The faculty of business and economics professors, guest professors, associate lecturers, the dean and staff members care for our students. We are committed to offer a top-class education in business and economics. The historic city of Schmalkalden is located in the geographical centre of Germany and surrounded by the tourist areas of the Thuringian Forest and the Rhön Mountains. Our faculty resides in a mixture of well-equipped modern and historic buildings. We offer a high degree of interaction in and outside the classroom for all of our students. Our Master of International Business and Economics classes especially excel with small class sizes and a highly international background of our students.

Reasons for studying business and economics in Schmalkalden:

  • Wide range of courses on site and also part-time with teaching days on campus
  • Double degree programmes with partner universities as well as fee-free semesters abroad • International flair: English language master programme
  • Campus college with optimal study conditions
  • High quality of life in historical Schmalkalden in the middle of Germany
  • Very good CHE-ratings

We offer five Bachelor's degree programmes as well as three Master's degree programmes.