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Foreign Language Centre

The Foreign Language Centre offers language courses for different study programmes differentiating between compulsory, elective and non-compulsory language courses. Learning a foreign language increases the chances of graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden on the job market and is a significant prerequisite for stays abroad during studies. The Foreign Language Centre team assists students, especially with the application formalities.

The Centre is a member of the Association of University Language Centres (AKS).


Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences
Foreign Language Centre
D-98574 Schmalkalden

More information:

Language Courses

German Language Courses offered by the International Office



Martina Gratz
Building D, Room 0112
98574 Schmalkalden

Tel.: +49 3683 - 688 1630
Fax: +49 3683 - 688 98 1630