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Registration and Borrowing

Joining the library

You will need:

  • the completed library registration form,
  • your photo ID or passport with a certificate of registration ("Meldebescheinigung") and
  • your Thoska card. If you are an external borrower, you will get a Thoska at the library (deposit: €10).
You may register remotely by sending us the scanned documents via email.

Please note:
Library users agree to their personal data being held in accordance with the library regulations.
Your personal data will only be passed on for Inter Library Loan purposes and within the scope of the services listed in the library regulations.
You have to inform the library staff if your address has changed or your Thoska got lost.

Library card, accessing your library account

The multifunctional student ID card Thoska is also your library card.

On the reverse side of the thoska you will find your user number for the user account.
The initial password consists of the first three letters of the family name.
If you have registered in the library from 01.03.2022, your date of birth (DDMMYY) will be the initial password.

User account options:

  • renew loans
  • reserve books / cancel reservations
  • view your overdue charges
  • change your password


Books of the locations A and A/LBS (ground floor) are borrowable.
Items of the location LS (upper floor) may not be borrowed. These are for reference only.

For borrowing, you have to show your valid Thoska card and the books at the circulation desk.

On an exceptional basis, you may authorize someone else to borrow books (see: Borrowing on someone else’s behalf).


You can reserve books that have been borrowed by someone else.

As soon as the book is returned, you will be notified by email, that you can pick up the book at the circulation desk.
The book will also be listed in your user account (menu item “Loans”).


Three days before the due date, you will receive an email reminding you of the items you have on loan.
Until one day before the due date you will be able to renew items.
You may renew your loans up to a maximum of three times.

Renewals don't work if

  • the item is already overdue or
  • someone else has reserved your copy.

You can renew


You may return your loans

  • personally or by someone else you trust,
  • by post (Please note: You are responsible for the items until the library receives them. Charges may result if the returned items are late or lost.), or
  • via the book return box, which is open 24/7.

Overdue books and library fines

If loans are overdue, a reminder procedure will be initiated in accordance with the list of costs in the annex to the user regulations (see no. 1 in the list of cost).

Borrowing on someone else’s behalf

On an exceptional basis, you may authorize someone else to borrow books.
The authorized person needs your Thoska and an authorisation.