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Workshop: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

23. May 2024 - 04. June 2024

Measure of the programme „Zukunft Ukraine“ financed by the German
Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Foreign Office

The world is once again increasingly shaken by geopolitical conflicts. Peace and conflict research plays a major role in the analysis of such conflicts. In contrast to media reporting, peace and conflict research offers concepts and methods for approaching conflicts objectively and from a macro perspective. The compact program provides a practice-oriented insight into the field of research, its methods, and practical fields of application, especially in the area of international development cooperation. The participants are briefed and de-briefed online and invited to “Zukunft Ukraine” project coaching sessions during the seminars. During an academic excursion to the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region, selected actors will be visited on site. The course features guest keynotes. Registration is open via STUD.IP. The course is extracurriculary open to all interested students. A certificate will be issued after completion.  


  • 23/05/24, 19:00-21:00:   Prep Session: Information, Orientation and Questions, online             
  • 26/05/24, 10:00-18:00:   Fundamentals I: Perspectives, Schools and Methods, H0013            
  • 31/05/24, 07:00-21:00:   Institutions: Field Trip to the Frankfurt Region, Frankfurt        
  • 01/06/24, 10:00-18:00:   Fundamentals II: Perspectives, Schools and Methods, H0013            
  • 02/06/24, 09:00-16:00:   Application: Analysing Conflicts through own Projects, H0013            
  • 04/06/24, 19:00-21:00:   Wrap-up Session: Results, Perspectives and Questions, online             

Event details

23. May 2024 - 04. June 2024