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International Business and Economics (B.A.)

In the context of globalisation, it is not only degrees in business and economics that are in demand, but also the ability to act in English in international management. Our International Business and Economics programme takes this into account. You study five semesters of business administration and economics in Schmalkalden, Germany, mainly in English. It is also possible to study in English throughout. A special feature of our system-accredited degree programme is the integrated semester abroad at one of our 70 partner universities. Abroad, you can attend lectures in English as well as in the local language. Here our students get to know other cultures and behavioural patterns in management, which are of great importance in their professional careers and increase job satisfaction. All compulsory subjects as well as the Bachelor's thesis must be completed in English. Our elective courses are almost entirely offered in English. Since 105 of the 180 ECTS are achieved through elective subjects, there is a large individual opportunity to specialise your studies. You will often work in small groups on practical case studies.

Graduates of our competitive degree programme find career opportunities especially in export-oriented as well as international companies. Alternatively, you can continue your studies in our Master of Business and Economics programme, which is offered in Schmalkalden exclusively in English and also includes a semester abroad. In recent years, more than 80 percent of the Master's students have come from abroad, which means that our campus has a very international flair. Excellent Master's graduates have the opportunity to pursue a cooperative doctorate, which is possible at the faculty with our international partner universities.

International Business and Economics programme structure

The 6-semester Bachelor's programme "International Business and Economics" consists of five elements:

·         12 compulsory subjects (63 ECTS credits)

·         electives (at least 105 ECTS credits)

·         one semester abroad

·         seminar paper (in preparation for the Bachelor's thesis)

·         9-week Bachelor thesis

The basis of your economics education in Schmalkalden is 12 compulsory subjects in which the important foundations are laid. The achievement of the learning objectives is monitored in subject examinations during the course of study.

International Business and Economics programme content

The International Business and Economics programme covers a broad range of knowledge that provides methodological skills in economics. In addition to the basics of business administration and economics, students also train their language skills. Click here for the module descriptions (LINK).


Compulsory subjects International Business and Economics:

Mathematics, Statistics, Soft Skills, Marketing, Finance and Investment, Intercultural Management, Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Digital Business.

Our faculty offers several modules in each of 13 different elective areas. You determine your own personal focus by selecting different modules (amounting to at least 60 ECTS credits). For the degree programme "International Business and Economics", at least 25 ECTS points from the field of business administration and at least 25 from the field of economics must be achieved. At least 30 of the ECTS credits to be acquired in elective subjects must be successfully completed in English.

You have a wide choice of compulsory elective subjects from our compulsory elective areas. Further options are available within the framework of the recommended semester abroad.

Compulsory elective subjects BWL:

·         Procurement and Production

·         Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

·         Corporate and Behavioural Finance

·         Intercultural Management

·         Management Accounting and Management Control

·         Marketing

·         Human Resource Management and Organisation

·         Taxes and Accounting

·         Tourism Management


Compulsory electives in economics:

·         Empirical Economic Research

·         Finance

·         Health and Environmental Economics

·         International Economic Relations

·         Legal, Behavioural and Strategic Economics

·         Transport and Regional Policy


Admission requirements

You can start the Bachelor's programme "International Business and Economics" with “Allgemeine oder fachgebundener Hochschulreife” or “Fachhochschulreife”. Please contact our Central Student Advisory Service for further information and possibilites.

For applicants whose native language is not German: Proof of German language skills corresponding to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For applicants whose native language is not English: ToEFL with at least 86 points (internet-based) or IELTS with at least 6.5 points.

Language certificates for the degree programme International Business and Economics (B.A.) can be submitted later until the end of September.

Form of study:Full-time
Duration of study:6 semesters
Teaching language:Mainly english
Degree:Bachelor of Arts
Next start:Winter semester each year
Application deadline:15.07.2021
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