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Create and modify FHS-ID

Create FHS-ID

To create the FHS-ID you need the service key printed on your matriculation documents.

Use to create the FHS-ID.

Use to modify the FHS-ID.

You can use the “English” link on the right top of the page to change the language.

Please keep notes of user name, the password choosen and e-mail address(es).

Modify FHS-ID - forward e-mail

Use to modify your FHS-ID
To set up e-mail forwarding use “E-Mail Settings” in the upper row, then "Forwarding" in the second row.

  • Set “Enable forwarding”,
  • specify your e-mail address you check regularly, and
  • make sure the “as copy” option is turned off.
  • Now use the “Save changes” button to confirm the new settings.

Modify FHS-ID - enable WiFi and VPN

  • In the first row, choose “Overview FHS-ID”.
  • Make sure the option “Remote Access (VPN/WLAN)” is enabled (“erlaubt”).
  • Make sure there is a VPN class name shown for “VPN-Class”.
  • If any changes were made, use the “Save changes” button to confirm the changes.