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Supported by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Social Fund Plus

Intercultural management

For a stronger togetherness in Schmalkalden

What is intercultural management?

Whether in big cities or in rural areas: We all experience how our society is changing. Diversity is now an integral part of our everyday lives, with different social, economic, cultural, and religious experiences and backgrounds interacting with each other. Conflict potential can arise especially when misunderstandings or discomfort with unfamiliar situations arise within social interaction or when structures present challenges.

The challenge and opportunity now lie in making the growing diversity sustainable. It is about creating a social togetherness in which people can move and meet each other. We want to create togetherness instead of antagonism at different levels of society: in companies and in the economy, in institutions of everyday life and in the education system.

In the spirit of holism, we want WORT to initiate intercultural management processes not only in organisations, but to establish a welcoming culture in all areas of everyday life: Day-care centres, schools, administrative institutions, media, leisure facilities, hospitals, in trade, at service providers, and senior citizens' facilities.

Such an intercultural opening process does not happen overnight, but takes time. Let us therefore start together.

Why is intercultural management important?

In view of the obvious shortage of skilled workers and upcoming demographic developments, there will be a need in the future in almost all fields of work to recruit international skilled workers and to see and use cultural diversity as an opportunity.

Engagement and participation.

At the beginning of such a process of change, there must first be an understanding for the need to open up. If there is a willingness to open up interculturally, a big step has already been taken. Especially as the active participation of the population plays a decisive role in the implementation.

Intercultural opening in practice: in Southern Thuringia, in Schmalkalden, at the meeting center.

Intercultural management cannot only be thought of as being the task  of companies and public institutions but must be visible and lived in everyday life.

That is why a meeting centre is being created in Schmalkalden's town centre where you can have a cup of coffee or tea, have a chat, and take part in various event formats.

Visit us in the meeting centre!