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Englischsprachige Lehrveranstaltungen für Austauschstudierende im WiSe 2023/2024

In diesem Hybrid-Semester an der Hochschule Schmalkalden finden einige Lehrveranstaltungen online statt. Bei Stud.IP gelangen die Studierenden über die Veranstaltungen in die Meetings, welche über BigBlueButton (BBB) abgehalten werden.

Fakultät Wirtschaftwissenschaften

Veranstaltung ECTS Professor
Mathematics 5 Dr Simon
Accounting 5 Prof Gemeinhardt
Microeconomics 5 Ms Kotsch
Principles of Marketing 5 Ms Kotsch
Soft Skills 8 Prof Herbert/Prof Richert
Principles of Economics 5 Ms Fröbrich
Marketing E: Marketing Project 5 Prof Ullrich
Corporate Finance 5 Prof Heinemann
Valuation of Intangible Assets 5 Prof Heinemann
Real estate economics 5 Prof d'Andria
Innovation in the Digital Era 5 Prof d'Andria
Data Science 5 Prof d'Andria
Tourism Management C 5 Prof Richter

Fakultät Informatik

Fakultät Wirtschaftsrecht

Veranstaltung ECTS Professor
Anglo-American Bankruptcy Management 2.5 Prof Schellberg
Comparative Case Law 2.5 Prof Müller-Grune
Financial Management 2.5 Prof Schellberg
International Sales Law & Arbitration 2.5 Prof Schackmar
Doing Business in Germany 2.5 Prof Schellberg









Fakultät Maschinenbau

Veranstaltung ECTS Professor
International Engineering Week 2.5 Prof Kolev
Fundamentals of Vibration Engineering 5 Prof Behn
Fossils and Bio Fuels, Lubricants and Plastics 5 Ms Beugel
Surface Engineering & Coatings Technology 5 Prof Dorner-Reisel, Dipl.-Ing. Siebeck
Fundamentals of Laser Technology 5 Prof Rödel
Production Technology 5 Prof Löser

Fakultät Elektrotechnik

Veranstaltung ECTS Professor
Automatic Control 5 Prof Schweigel
Automation Control 5 Prof Bachmann
Artificial Intelligence 5 Prof Bachmann
Digital Signal Processing 5 Prof Roppel 
Computer Vision 5 Prof Schweigel
Communication Systems 5 Prof Roppel
Robotic Vision 5 Prof Schweigel





International School

(a) Language and Communication: German 

In the study area “Language and Communication: German” we offer general German language courses and applied lectures. Intensive German language prep-courses during the semester break enable all foreign students to study in German. The prep-courses and the intensive course “Deutsch Interaktiv und Interkulturell” involve a small personal financial contribution. The free German language courses during the semester address all foreign students wishing to develop or broaden their German skills during their stay in Germany. They are not designed for native speakers and have a limited number of participants. There is a placement test at the beginning of the semester to classify students according to the ECFR levels A1 to C1. Additionally, incoming students are kindly invited to register for the courses of the Centre for Key Skills (in German language) here. The range of courses is as follows: 

The German Language A1.1 courses are devided into 4 different groups. Each group has a limited participation number but covers the same course material. Please only enrol yourself in one course.

Lectures ECTS Professor Exam
German Language A1.1
Group A
Wed & Thu 09:00-10:30, H0111
Group B:
Wed & Thu 10:45-12:15, H0111
Group C
Wed 13:00-16:00
Group D
Wed 16:00-19:00
Ms Pesavento

Ms Pesavento

Ms Manco Villa

Ms Manco VIlla
Group A
01.02.2024 09:00-10:30 H0111
Group B
01.02.2024 10:45-12:15 H0111
Group C
24.01.2024 14:00-15:30 H0116
Group D
24.01.2024 15:00-16:30 H0103
German Language A1.2
Wed & Thu 12:30-14:00, H0111
5 Ms Pesavento 01.02.2024 12:30-14:00 H0002
German Language A2.1
Thu 14:30-16:00 & Fri 13:30-15:00, H0113
5 Ms Itzerott 02.02.2024 13:00-15:00 H0113
German Language A2.2
Thu 16:30-18:00 & Fri 15:30-17:00, H0113
5 Ms Itzerott 02.02.2024 16:00-18:00 H0113
German Language B1.1
Tue & Wed 08:00-09:30
5 Dr Renz 31.01.2024 08:00-09:30 Online (see StudIP)
German Language B1.2
Tue & Wed 09:45-11:45
5 Dr Renz 31.01.2024 09:45-11:15 Online (see StudIP)
German Language B2.1
Wed 09:45-11:15 & Thu 08:00-09:30
5 Mr Renz 01.02.2024 08:00-09:30 Online (see StudIP)
German Language B2.2
Tue & Thu 09:45-11:15
5 Mr Renz 01.02.2024 09:45-11:15 Online (see StudIP)
German Language C1.1
Tue & Wed 08:00-09:30
5 Mr Renz 31.01.2024 07:45-09:15 Online (see StudIP)

(b) Language and Communication: English 

In the study area “Language and Communication” we offer applied English language courses that are complemented by lectures on intercultural sensitisation. The courses on “Business English” prepare the students for demanding professional activities in an international context and are also offered within several skill levels. They are not designed for native speakers and have a limited number of participants. The complementary courses on interculturality aim at an enlightened and reflected foreign experience with intercultural awareness. Additionally, we offer tailored courses on academic writing and reading in an international context. The range of courses is as follows: 

Lectures ECTS Professor Exam
Academic Reading
Mon 17:15-18:45, C0010
3 Mr Rausch 29.01.2024 17:30-19:00 H0102
Academic Writing
Mon 15:30-17:00, C0010
3 Mr Rausch 29.01.2024 15:30-17:00 H0102
Business English (beginners)
Group 1: Tue 16:00-17:30 D0117
Group 2: Wed 16:00-17:30 online (BBB)
3 Ms Bagchi 30.01.2024 14:30-16:00 H0001
Intercultural Business Communication
Tue 14:15-15:45 D0117 & Wed 14:15-15:45 online (BBB)
6 Ms Bagchi 31.01.2024 14:30-16:00 D0117
Personal Branding
Thu 15:00-16:30
3 Ms Wassink 01.02.2024
Written: 08:00-09:30 H0115
Oral: 09:30-20:00 H0114

(c) Introduction to German Studies 

The study area “Introduction to German Studies” is supposed to facilitate the students’ orientation in the host country, to sensitise them to cultural and country-specific characteristics in Germany as well as to impart knowledge on Germany’s higher education system. Students are highly recommended to join the introductory workshop in English. Furthermore, the International Office offers field trips to various destinations in order for the students to gather country-specific experience outside the study location. It should be noted that these trips are not compensated with credit points and involve a small personal financial contribution. The range of courses is as follows: 

Lectures ECTS Professor Exam
Applied German Studies: Dresden-Leipzig
Intro: Wed 08.11.2023 16:00-20:30 online
Trip: Fri 10.11.2023 - Sun 12.11.2023
Wrap-Up: Sun 12.11.2023 18:00-19:30 online
1 Mr Rausch Termpaper/ Project
Introduction to German Studies
block seminar in November 2023 and January 2024. Course schedule and rooms can be found in the syllabus
3 Dr Hornung Termpaper/ Project
Applied German Studies: Berlin
Intro: Sat 14.10.2023 19:00-21:00 online
Trip: Fri 10.11.2023 - Sun 12.11.2023
Reflection: Fri 17.11.2023 19:00-21:00 online
1 Dr Hornung Termpaper/ Project

(d) Introduction to European Studies

The study area “Introduction to International Relations and European Studies” addresses students from outside Europe as well as all other students interested in the socio-scientific analysis of international relations. There is a specific introduction in every semester, which is also suitable for beginners. The range of courses is as follows: 

Lectures ECTS Professor Exam
Introduction to European Studies
block seminar in January 2024. Course schedule and rooms can be found in the syllabus
3 Dr Hornung Termpaper/ Project

(e) International Electives 

The range of courses within the area “International Electives” is supplemented by courses on changing subjects in English. Those events cover comprehensive international aspects relevant to students from all fields. The range of courses is as follows: 

Lectures ECTS Professor Exam
Start-Up-Thinking and Entrepreneurial Spirit
Thu 17:00-18:30
3 Ms Wassink 02.02.2024 14:30-17:30 H0115
Principles of Marketing
Wed 10:00-11:30 online (BBB)
3 Ms Bagchi 05.02.2024 13:30-15:00 D0214
Design Thinking & Doing COIL Program 2 Ms Wassink Exam already took place
Global Marketing Research Project
Tue 17:45-19:15 D0117 & Thu 17:45-19:15 online (BBB)
6 Ms Bagchi 30.01.2024 17:00-19:00 D0117
Intercultural Training for Incoming Students
Mon 13.11.2023 09:00-15:00, Milchhalle
1 Mr Rausch Exam already took place
Gender and Economics
Thu 15:00-17:00 online (BBB)
5 Ms Quintero Obonaga Exam already took place
Introduction to Java Programming
Mon, Wed & Fri 14:00-15:30
3 Mr Shah Exam already took place
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
December 2023, start: 04.12.2023 online
further information in syllabi and on StudIP
  Dr Hornung