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Goals and contents

Key facts

  • Dedicated faculty to support your professional goals
  • 2 semesters in Schmalkalden, 1 abroad and 1 master thesis
  • Subject areas: management, international business, accounting, computer-based analysis, advanced economics, international economics and philosophy


Our areas of competence

The Faculty of Business and Economics considers itself a service organization. We constantly endeavor to provide a general setting and the prerequisites needed to ensure that our students get the best education possible: a comprehensive curriculum, well-structured lectures, and teaching material presented in an appealing way. You are an integral part of our service: The programme’s success depends both on your desire to learn and to occupy yourself with its contents, as well as on your willingness to communicate and collaborate with fellow students in your new environment.

The Faculty of Business and Economics is equipped with all kinds of seminar rooms, excellent technical facilities and state-of-the-art hardware and software.


Your goals

You want to

  • deepen and broaden your understanding of advanced business and economics issues on an international level,
  • examine the philosophical and methodological foundations of these subjects,
  • develop and professionalize your international skills and talents and/or
  • gain the social and academic qualifications required for acceptance into a doctoral program,

and, in doing so, you will benefit from this Master program in International Business and Economics.


Structure and content of the degree

In international business, it is no longer important to distinguish between business administration and economics when faced with specific decisions: government policies affect economic decisions; corporate behavior in turn influences international politics. Thus, from our point of view, it is important that an international master’s degree directs its attention to both the whole economic realm as well as to specific topics often dealt with on the business administration level. The view and the insights we like to develop and share with you are based on an understanding gained and derived from applied research. The Master of Arts in International Business and Economics is a four-semester program lasting 24 months.

The first two semesters take place in Schmalkalden. During this time, you will take part in an international seminar that is designed to prepare you for the semester abroad. All courses are offered as electives. A current list of courses can be found at our home page. They are for instance.

There will be an option to study a semester abroad (your third semester if you started in October of a year, your fourth if you started in April) each winter (autumn) semester of the second year of study. During the remaining semester you will write your master thesis - either in Germany or abroad - with the intend to further develop your personality, academic understanding and your ability to carry out research.

All of the courses are held in English. German language proficiency is not required. A total of 120 ECTS credits are earned. Due to the high number of elective courses even without German language proficiency you will still have a tremendous choice of courses.

Course Description

Subject areas Courses SWS ECTS
Accounting and Finance Behavioural Finance and Investments 3 6
  Digital Transformation and Data Value 3 6
  Econometrics and Financial Data Analysis 4 8
  Economics and Finance of Risk and Uncertainty 3 6  
  Finance and Economics of Digital Markets 3 6
  Financial Instruments 3 6
  Financial Markets 3 6
  International Business Taxation 3 6
  Investment Appraisal 4 8
  Management Control Systems 2,5 5
  Sustainable Finance 3 6
  Valuation und Financial Analysis 4 8
Economics Competition Policy and Regulation 4 8
  International and European Economic Law 3 6
  International Monetary Economics 2.5 5
  Industrial Economics 4 8
  Labour Economics 2.5 5
  Regional Economics 2.5 5
Management Automotive Tecvhnology Management 4 8
  Business Planning 4 8
  International Human Ressources Management 3 6
  Marketing Communication 3 6
  Organisational Behaviour 3 6
  Purchasing Strategy 2,5 5
  Strategic Brand Management 3 6
Philosophy Economic Philosophy 2.5 5
  Philosophy of Science 2.5 5
  Political Philosophy 2.5 5

The international office also provides optional German as a foreign language classes. Additionally, you will also be able to choose from further courses in German.