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Course details

Course organisation

The three-semester fully English-taught M.Sc. programme in Finance comprises the following core elements:

  • Focus on the area of accounting and finance
  • Complemented by electives in other areas such as economics, management and philosophy
  • Master’s thesis

Study plan

In your first two semesters you will take elective courses totalling 60 ECTS credit points. Out of these 60 ECTS credit points, at least 40 ECTS credit points must be completed in the area of Accounting and Finance. In your third semester you will write your Master’s thesis. In total, you will acquire 90 ECTS credit points in your degree programme.

Semester 1 2 3 Total
Elective courses 30 CP 30 CP   60 CP
Master's Thesis     30 CP 30 CP
Total 30 CP 30 CP 30 CP 90 CP
CP: ECTS credit points        

Elective courses are offered in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management and Philosophy. Electives offered in Accounting and Finance comprise the following courses:

International elements

  • Programme fully taught in English
  • Intercultural study group
  • International faculty and guest lecturers


As our programme is characterised by a seminar-based teaching style, teaching elements include lectures, exercises, discussions, project work, presentations and case studies.